september 7 to 15 / 2012

weya 2012
world event young artists
nottingham trent university
waverley building

nottingham (uk)

The negotiation of knowledge as cultural and aesthetic practice.

Bergur Thomas Anderson, Daniel Arellano Mesina,
Dustin Cauchi, Viola Conti, Baldvin Einarsson,
Fedora Saura, Vera Kox, Teodora Nikcevic,
Karin Ospelt, Sigurdur Atli Sigurdsson,
Simone Rastelli, Arnaud Rolland, Paolo Tognozzi.

a project by Alessandro Castiglioni

september 7 to 15 / 2012
Nottingham Trent University
Waverley Building
r, room number 206
Nottingham (UK)

The project /tiítano/ stems from the precise need to structure a working table dedicated to young artists operating in some European areas with a particular geopolitical situation, that is to say the fact of being a Small State, characterised by a double velocity, local and international at the same time. This translates into the possibility and need to have greater opportunities of meeting, dialogue, exchange and sharing of the different artistic practices and research activities. /tiítano/ meets this need and addresses the issue according to which in the contemporary artistic system there is an anxiety to ďexhibitĒ, to complete oneís own projects, to assert in order to assert, also in training and educational contexts. /tiítano/ is therefore an occasion of slowing down, of creation and negotiation of knowledge, enriched by the complexity deriving from geography and the study of territories, in specific contexts, and within a framework, that of the World Event Young Artists of Nottingham, where the dimension of discourse becomes more important than the dimension of mere exhibition. Therefore, this is the reason why /tiítano/ has been structured as a long-term research, able to develop in various stages, in parallel with the transformations of the word itself that gives its name to the project. /tiítano/ as a ďseedĒ word, as a moment of dialogue and generation of completely unexpected significant systems.
Titan is an ancient mythological figure, a gaseous satellite of Saturn, a romantic temperament, a large vessel sank. But Mt.Titano is also the hill on which rise the towers and castles of San Marino.
In the context of WEYA, and in partnership with Disorder, /tiítano/ will be an unexpected event, a workshop and an exhibition which will develop directly from conditions, identities, meetings experimented and culturalised through the necessary value of experience. The result of this work will be an exhibition during the XVI Biennial of the Mediterranean, Ancona, Italy, June 2013.

With the collaboration of: Davide Farabegoli, photographer; Giulia Ceccoli, communication.

Areas of research: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Monaco, Canton Ticino (CH), Gibraltar (UK), Kaliningrad (RUS).

Phases of the work
Little Constellation Library Archive, San Marino, 14th and 15th October, 2011
NYLO, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, 7th, 8th, 9th November, 2011
Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy, 28th and 29th April, 2012
WEYA 2012, Nottingham (UK), from 7th to 15th September, 2012.
XVI Biennial of the Mediterranean, Ancona, Italy, June 2013

Advisors: Eve Ariza, Barbara Geyer, Martin Walch, Justine Blau, Kevin Muhlen, Mark Mangion, AgnŤs Roux, Svetlana Racanovic, Alessandro Castiglioni, Riccardo Lisi, Nina Danino; coordinator Rita Canarezza.

With the collaboration of: Ministry for Culture of Montenegro; Ministry for Sport, Culture, Heritage and Youth of Gibraltar (UK); Icelandic Art Center; Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein; Malta Council for Culture & The Arts; Le Logoscope, Monaco. Pro Helvetia, Fondazione svizzera per la Cultura.
With the help of: Casino Luxembourg - Forum díArt Contemporain; MCA Malta; La Rada Canton Ticino (CH); National Gallery of Iceland

A project promoted by
Republic of San Marino
Ministry of Education and Culture, University and Youth Policies
Social and Cultural Activities Office

Little Constellation Network, Library and Archive 
Contemporary Arts in geo-cultural micro-areas and small State of Europe


weya 2012 world event young artists