swiss institute
the artistic program of the irs, placed in rome, milan and venice, aims to promote new productions of young artists from switzerland, and to represent in italy the most interesting models of the cultural organization in switzerland, from experiences of young people to self-organization to those more institutional. particular attention is devoted to device-oriented forms of cross-disciplinary experimentation.
the program is envisioned as a continuous narrative between the three locations, without neglecting to connect the most important cultural events of the three cities.
the arts area also benefits of collaboration and participation of members of the artists in residence, which in turn operate in connection with the territory and the Institute’s activities.

san marino national association
of manufacturers

anis, associazione nazionale dell’industria sammarinese - national association of san marino industry, is the major trade association in san marino representing 280 member companies, which employ over six thousand five hundred workers. anis partners with the confederation of italian industry, is a member of businesseurope, union of industrial and employers’ confederations of europe, based in brussels, and the ilo, international labour organization, based in geneva.

nordic culture fund. the aim of the nordic culture fund is to support a broad spectrum of cultural cooperations between the nordic countries.
the nordic culture fund awards about 28 million danish kroner (dkk) every year to cultural projects in the nordic region or nordic projects taking place outside the region.
the projects that are granted and have been granted support reflect the entire cultural life, and include everything from visual art, theatre, music, and dance, to literature and new media. education, research, and trans-sectorial projects may also be eligible for support from the fund, though such projects must have a clear connection to art and culture.
the projects that can receive support from the fund must include at least three Nordic countries or autonomous areas (the faroe Islands, greenland, and the aland islands) in order to be eligible for support from the fund.
decisions as to which projects may be granted support are taken by the board of the fund, which has 13 members. the daily work is carried out by the secretariat of the nordic culture fund in copenhagen.
associazione italiana sclerosi multipla 

AISM is currently the only organization in Italy that operates at 360 degrees on multiple sclerosis. is the reference point for over 58,000 people with MS and their families. the association strongly believes that the persons affected are entitled to have a good quality of life and full social integration. for this reason the association is active in the territory with over 10,000 volunteers to disseminate correct information about the disease, raise awareness, to promote and provide adequate health and social services where the public does not arrive, promote fundraising initiatives to support scientific research. AISM is a non-profit, social organization (onlus). since 1998 is supported by IMF, italian multiple sclerosis foundation, which is also non-profit organization established to continue, to fund and promote scientific research on the disease. honorary president AISM and IMF and prize nobel, Rita Levi Montalcini.

dompé farmaceutici

the mission of dompé farmaceutici is based on real service to the scientific community and the patient - finding innovative solutions that contribute to improving health and quality of life of people, making the effort in research - played with passion, skill and courage - in real benefit to their health. dompé has therefore directed its efforts in developing innovative medicines to cure diseases for which no effective therapeutic options are still available.