has extensive experience in developing integrated services for the organization, archiving and enhancement of artworks held by artists, public and private collections, museums and galleries, by designing digital archives, developing artwork management software and creating and processing high-quality art images.

alongside its close cooperation with the piero manzoni archive and the long-standing ties with the panza di biumo collection, has worked for the piero dorazio archive, the arnaldo pomodoro’s studio, the aldo rossi foundation, the aldo mondino archive and the carlo orsi archive, and has also taken part in important art projects promoted by major international art institutions, including the museum of modern art, new york; the albright-knox art gallery, buffalo; the hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden, washington dc.

at we develop websites based on dynamic solutions, including the use of a support database and content management system (cms) modules, which offer site administrators maximum versatility in customizing and managing contents, and, ultimately, enable them to create not a mere internet page but real software served to outside users via an Internet browser. the company is accredited to provide domain registration services and carries out directly all the procedures necessary to register, maintain or move domain names.