office for social and cultural activities (2005 - 2014)
republic of san marino

the office for social and cultural activities is responsible for planning, organisation and consulting in the field of the social and cultural activities promoted by the republic of san marino in cooperation with public and private entities, including cultural associations, foundations and other cultural institutions. the office, active since the 1990s, has been promoting a large number of projects in the field of contemporary arts, e.g. the bauhaus workshop by alfredo bortoluzzi on youth art, the site-specific project provoc’arte, which involved many artists who are now internationally renowned. the office is responsible for the participation of san marino in the biennial of young artists of europe and the mediterranean and the san marino theatre season. the office has included in its cultural program the first meeting of artists and institutions going beyond the countries’ art organized in san marino in 2005.

iceland’s national gallery

houses the national collection of 19th and 20th c. art, comprising the country’s largest and most significant collection of works by all major icelandic artists and a growing collection of works by foreign artists of note, pablo picasso, edward munch, karel appel, hans hartung, victor vasarely, richard serra and richard tuttle.
the aland Islands art museum
is the main art museum of the islands and has overall responsibility for the heritage of art on aland the museum has a strong focus on contemporary art and on cooperation with leading art institutions in finland and sweden.
the museum was founded in 1963 and it is owned and administered by the aland government with principal aims to spread knowledge of aland art, to provide stimulation for artistic activities and to increase cooperation between the local and international art scene.
besides displaying aland initiatives, the museum also hosts visiting exhibitions. the museum works actively both to inspire the aland art scene and to strengthen the cultural connections between the islands and coastal countries of the baltic region.
a new web site is under construction and will be on-line in january 2013.
mudam luxembourg
musée d’art moderne grand - duc jean
 is the foremost museum dedicated to contemporary art in luxembourg, and strives to be attentive to every discipline and open to the whole world. Its collection and programme reflect current artistic trends and appreciate the emergence of new artistic practices on a national and international scale. the cultural project of mudam is based on a conception of art seen at a poetical distance from the world. its key words are freedom, innovation, a critical mind, and all this, not devoid of humour. the programme favours every vector of expression while questioning our habits and our representations. It aims to capture not only a way of contemporary thinking, but also the aesthetic language of an age to come.

casino luxembourg - fourm d’art contemporain
the ‘casino bourgeois’ was built in a central area of the capital by architects pierre and paul funck in the years 1880 to 1882. it soon became a cultural and social hotspot in the city. in addition to the gaming rooms, it also had a reading room and a restaurant. Its vast halls were used for all kinds of functions, including lectures, masked balls, plays and cabaret shows, concerts and the ‘salons’ of the cercle artistique, and many societies held their meetings there too. the first highlight to this activity came when franz liszt made his last public appearance on 19 July, 1886. among the other landmark events in its history, we may further mention the presence of winston churchill in the great hall on 15 July, 1946. the ‘société du casino bourgeois’ was wound down in 1959. later on, the building was purchased by the State and rented out to the cultural circle of the european communities, founded in 1954. in 1959, the latter had built onto the building’s south front the glass and steel pavilion inspired by jean prouvé and known today as the ‘aquarium’. the casino luxembourg, now called the ‘foyer européen’, remained a centre for cultural and social events for the european communities in luxembourg up to the end of 1990.

the kulturstiftung liechtenstein since 1 january 2008 is taking care for the promotion of cultural activities in the fields of literature, music, performing and visual arts, audiovisual and folkloric. as an independent foundation under public law in performing the statutory duties of the arts, carries out projects and cultural events, and operates facilities. the state of culture in liechtenstein was established in 1964 managed by the culture and youth policies. from 1979 to 2007 the cultural of the liechtenstein government was responsible.
nordic culture fund. the aim of the nordic culture fund is to support a broad spectrum of cultural cooperations between the nordic countries.
the nordic culture fund awards about 28 million danish kroner (dkk) every year to cultural projects in the nordic region or nordic projects taking place outside the region.
the projects that are granted and have been granted support reflect the entire cultural life, and include everything from visual art, theatre, music, and dance, to literature and new media. education, research, and trans-sectorial projects may also be eligible for support from the fund, though such projects must have a clear connection to art and culture.
the projects that can receive support from the fund must include at least three Nordic countries or autonomous areas (the faroe Islands, greenland, and the aland islands) in order to be eligible for support from the fund.
decisions as to which projects may be granted support are taken by the board of the fund, which has 13 members. the daily work is carried out by the secretariat of the nordic culture fund in copenhagen.
swiss institute
the artistic program of the irs, placed in rome, milan and venice, aims to promote new productions of young artists from switzerland, and to represent in italy the most interesting models of the cultural organization in switzerland, from experiences of young people to self-organization to those more institutional. particular attention is devoted to device-oriented forms of cross-disciplinary experimentation.
the program is envisioned as a continuous narrative between the three locations, without neglecting to connect the most important cultural events of the three cities.
the arts area also benefits of collaboration and participation of members of the artists in residence, which in turn operate in connection with the territory and the Institute’s activities.
malta council for culture & the arts
vision: to cultivate, through investment and support, a creative expression of excellence which inspires towards an evolving and forward looking maltese cultural Identity. mission: to promote malta’s culture through all forms of creative expression and to increase the accessibility of the public to the arts, and enhance malta’s cultural heritage locally and abroad. values: excellence, integrity, respect, commitment, Innovation, Inclusion, transparency. aims, council objectives: 1. foster standards of excellence in the arts. 2. promote malta’s arts and culture through all forms of creative expression. 3. broaden access and participation to art and cultural events of excellence. 4. develop sustainable relationships with businesses and organisations in the field of art and culture. 5. support artists and art organisations fulfill their creative potential both in malta and abroad. priorities: 1. to create art strategies that will see the cultural policy being brought to fruition according to contemporary practices. 2. to broaden the scope and quality of cultural support to artists especially in terms of the innovative and the unique. 3. to secure a foundation for artistic development. 4. to build a culture of co-operation between cultural institutions and the arts community

goldsmiths, university of london
is the operational name for goldsmiths’ college, a public research university located in london, united kingdom which specialises in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and a constituent college of the federal university of london. It was founded in 1891 as goldsmiths’ technical and recreative institute by the worshipful company of goldsmiths in new cross, london. It was acquired by the university of london in 1904 and was renamed goldsmiths’ college. the college has a distinguished history of contributing to arts and sciences. Its department of art is widely recognised as one of britain’s most prestigious, producing the yba’s art collective and over 20 turner prize nominees. goldsmiths is also famous for psychology, sociology, media and cultural studies, languages and literature, visual cultures and anthropology.
museo cantonale di lugano
the activity of the museo cantonale d’arte has two parallel objectives: the conservation and study of the museum’s permanent collection, which is above all made up of works belonging to the XIX and XX centuries; and the planning/presentation of temporary exhibitions.
the works that form part of the permanent collection in the main come from the artistic patrimony of the canton of ticino. these have been added to by the donations and works left in deposit on the part of other swiss museums (geneva, basel, zurich and winterthur), by the swiss confederation, the promuseo association and by private donors. the constant growth of the collection represents one of the museum’s principal objectives. this is carried out by way of a specific acquisitions policy in documenting the different components of artistic development from the nineteenth century up until the present day in relation to the ticino region, an area that finds itself wedged between northern and southern europe.
the nicosia municipal arts centre
associated with the pierides foundation
was opened in january 1994 and is situated at the old electric house building generously donated to the nicosia municipality by the cyprus electricity authority. the building, a classic specimen of industrial architecture in cyprus was built according to the bauhaus movement principles and was restored to its original condition ensuring that all the prerequisites a contemporary cultural center should have were met a fact for which it was honoured with the 1994 europa nostra award. the opening of the nicosia municipal arts centre on 14 january 1994 in cooperation with the pierides museum of contemporary art was made in conjunction with the opening of its first thematic exhibition titled ‘Tree’ that took place on the same day. The former president of the republic mr glafkos clerides honoured the hosts of the exhibition with his presence at both the opening of the centre and the opening of the exhibition.
the kunstmuseum liechtensteins special focus is contemporary art and its roots in modernism. through presentations of works from the private collections of the prince of liechtenstein it also creates a link with the work of old masters. the kunstmuseum develops its programme with a view to its dual role as both a national gallery and an educational institution. using our thematically oriented collection we aim to create new perspectives which allow the familiar and the unfamiliar, the old and the new, the local and the international to be seen in a new light. this creates complex, challenging situations that enable museum visitors to participate actively and develop new ways of seeing. our method is bringing together contemporary architecture, specific forms of presentation, a welcoming atmosphere and varied public programmes. our goal is for this focus on art and its meanings to be taken up as an inspirational challenge.

la rada
space for contemporary art, locarno, switzerland
la rada was born as an independent contemporary art space in 2003, and it soon became a reference for contemporary art in ticino. this small region between central switzerland and italy has a rich culture and history. for example, many stories, artistic point of views and philosophical visions were developed around the monte verità near locarno, during the first part of the twentieth century. this reality is now better known abroad, mainly thanks to harald szeemann who had devoted considerable attention to the monte verità and dedicated much of his life to creating an archive that led to the execution of an anthological exhibition whose contents have since reappeared in several successive drafts of the curator. today, locarno is comparable to many other peripheral regions, however in the global era this kind of situation can give rise to actors who play an important role in the mediation between cultures, networks and neighbouring markets. With this central belief, la rada earmarks its program and diversifies its strategies with a strong commitment for the development of a specific production method and networks at various levels. this commitment is also focused on developing hybrids of artistic languages that lead to the production of complex works of art that range from installation to production of experimental films. this involves a research that spans the landscape of contemporary art, whose different levels are often struggling to find a common ground. our particular position enables us to refer at the same time to independent realities, singular figures and a network of established institutions.
the jersey arts trust
is an organisation, funded by the states of jersey (uk) and various individual sponsors. we exist to work with artists of all forms and develop the arts community in jersey. 
we act as an independent adviser and advocate for the arts community through communication, joint working and research. our aim is to provide a community-led service that is transparent, accountable and evidence-based.
the guernsey arts commission
mandate: to provide a strong, identifiable voice of the arts in the community, raising public awareness and promoting the value, relevance and importance of the arts in the community. the guernsey arts commission’s aim is to help the arts in guernsey (uk) to grow and develop and to involve more people in the arts. It wants to assist the arts community to pursue excellence and to succeed, and for the arts to be recognised and valued as a vital part of the island life. this would enable focus while giving a clearly defined list of priorities to the numerous arts practitioners and organisations that apply for support and funding. 
the greenhouse is the guernsey arts commission’s dedicated space committed to the nurture, cultivation and exhibition of ideas and projects. as a non-commercial space the greenhouse has the opportunity to bring the more unique and innovative to guernsey.
malta contemporary art
is a non-profit cultural organization, founded in october 2008. mca is malta’s first contemporary art space and was established to create a platform and discussion for contemporary art in malta. mca showcases international and local emerging and established visual artists through a programme of solo and group exhibitions curated by mca and invited professionals. a series of talks and fora in related fields as well as a programme of artist films and independent documentary has been set up. a contemporary art collection of donated works is also being established. mca is also starting a series of public art project commissions as well as an artist studio research programme. an education programme, film production house and quarterly journal are also in the process of being set up.
center for icelandic art
icelandic art center’ role is to promote icelandic visual artists abroad. the center assists them in realizing their art projects abroad through means of funding, networking and cooperation with public and private associations, organizations and enterprises. aims at building and strengthening the networks between the local and international visual art scene and activating the engagement of Icelandic visual artists and professionals in the international art dialogue. in the coming years, among the center’s goals are to: • facilitate the presentation of Icelandic artists abroad in international galleries, at exhibitions and events of various kinds. • facilitate participation of Icelandic art galleries in established art fairs. • initiate collaborations between Icelandic and international artists in Iceland and abroad. • create a residency program for international art professionals in Iceland. • extend’ visitor’s program in close collaboration with private and official institutions. • secure Iceland as a host country for international art projects and strengthen the position of Iceland as a cultural destination.
careof docva is a non profit organization for the promotion of visual arts and contemporary art research based in milan since 1987. care of with docva - documentation center for visual arts collects and divulges documentation material about contemporary visual arts: books, magazines, videos, artists’ portfolios and information about international organizations. these materials were gathered within the activities organized by careof and viafarini, through the portfolio viewing program and the video post-production service, as well as through purchase and donations. the materials are available for consultation at the docva reading room, as well as online through specific databases. these related data banks allow to carry out researches according to different criteria, as well as to view images of works of art and videos.
fabbrica del vapore, milan
Is a space of the milan city council, open to young people’s creativity as well as strongly connected with the productive excellences on the city territory. a workshop made up of experiences and creating new languages, techniques and know-how in the fields of design, visual art, music, photography, new media, theatre, dance, cinema and creative writing. the centre especially devoted to the youth’s cultural production and belonging to the milan city council, is house to a number of workshops promoting a variety of activities.
le logoscope is a research center dedicated to creating multimedia art and contemporary artistic experimentation. since its establish, has a special role in the principality of monaco. a place of convergence and transmission of knowledge in the arts, le logoscope promotes the creation and the collaboration with research groups involved in innovative artistic approaches. theater, concerts, exhibitions, video screenings, workshops, choreographic creations, conferences or even artist residencies. le logoscope has created for many years, collaboration in various institutions iand structures dedicated, as teaching or production - universities, schools, cultural centers, associations, groups of artists, etc. le logoscope chose to represent and unite all four major platforms which represent the fields of art: the performing arts, audio arts, visual arts and editions, a rich opportunity for a mutual dialogue in different multimedia arts and research.

the association bbkl
, non-profit organization, aims to promote the the artists of fine arts in liechtenstein. the association aims to protect the interests of the artists, in the legal, social, economic, cultural and political issues and every aspect related to artists’ work.
the association’s purpose to function as a center of information and management for all members in liechtenstein and abroad. the association also plays a supporting role in representing the interests of artists in the national and international organizations, government agencies, public and private institutions.
baltic branch of ncca
federal state cultural institution, special structural subdivision of the national centre for contemporary arts - moscow. 
the baltic branch of ncca is the only institution in the kaliningrad region working directly in the field of contemporary art. Its aim is to implement the state cultural policy on contemporary art through exhibition, collecting, information, education and research activities both in russia and abroad.
the baltic branch puts a special emphasis on the unique strategies practiced by artists and curators, their manifestation and promotion within contemporary society; it also enables the audience to familiarize itself with the contemporary artistic process.