video sensitive postcards

special project for the meeting-workshop
going beyond the countries’art

november 20 /
december 3
/ 2005

ancient monastery of saint claire
contrada omerelli 2, republic of san marino
6.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Based on an idea by Agnés Roux, 21 short art videos by 30 artists from the small states of Europe during the meeting in San Marino every artist showed an artwork created especially for the meeting, namely a video-sensitive postcard. A video-sensitive postcard is a three-minute video shot by an artist to introduce his/her own work by providing information on his/her background and homeland.

Video Sensitive Postcard

The TWO/FOUR/TWO Art Group (Cyprus)
“Reaction” 2003, time 2:05 sec

Agnès Roux (Monaco)
“ L’ile d’Utopika- Histoires de l’Ancien Monde”
2004/2005 time 2:02 sec

Lorella Mussoni – Pier Giorgio Albani (San Marino)
“Vertigine della Libertà”, 2005 time 3:15 sec

Austin Camilleri (Malta)
“Legal emigrant”, 2005 time 3:00 min

Barbara E. Geyer & Martin Walch (Liechtenstein)
“Biwak”, 2005, time 1:50 sec

Paradise consumer group, (Andorra)
(Pep Aguarelles, Eve Ariza, melena Guardia, Susana Herrador)
“Paradise consumer”, 2005 time 1:45 sec

Haris Epaminonda (Cyprus)
“Postcard”, 2005 time 3:00 min
all immages © the owners / music by Ray LaMontagne “So long Away”

Katerina Attalidou (Cyprus)
“Psychosia”, 2005 time 2:37 sec

Jaume Simo Sabater Garau & Mark Mangion (Malta)
“Iran 2005 (2)”, 2005 time 2:48 sec

Martin Walch (Liechtenstein)
“Wandersmann”, 2003 time 3:50 sec

Neshe Yashin & Huseyin Ozinal (Cyprus)
“Pendulum of love”, 2005 time 4:56 sec

Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro (San Marino)
“The dream of the two woman appointed Captains Regent”
2005, time 3:14 sec

Pierre Portelli (Malta)
“Ilma” 2005, 3:00 min

Polys Peslikas (Cyprus)
“Sensitive video postcard” 2005 time 3:45 sec

Aniko Risch & Duosch Grass (Liechtenstein)
“Fallsucht- video sensitive postcard”, 2005 time 1:30 sec

Gur Genc & Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus)
“Speaking of Water” 2005, time 3:00 min

Thomas Negrevergne (Monaco)
“Machinos-Matelots”, 2005 time 2:58 sec

Teatrutram & Pierre Portelli (Malta)
“The other side”, 2005 time 2:33 sec

L’attoscuro (San Marino)
“Autunno 2005”, 2005 time 7:30 sec

Lia Lapithi (Cyprus)
“Should I stay or should I go now?”, 2005 time 1:06 sec

Maria Papacharalambous & Achilleas Kentonis (Cyprus)
“Video sensitive postcard from UN-edited Cyprus” 2005 time 1.15 sec

Tanja Frank (Luxembourg)
“Lady boy a walk” time 4:18 sec