little constellation/ is an international network on contemporary art aiming to organize and promote projects with a specific focus on the current research activity in the small states of europe: andorra, cyprus, iceland, liechtenstein, luxembourg, malta, monaco, montenegro, san marino, and in a few european geocultural micro-areas including canton ticino, ceuta, gibraltar, kaliningrad, the aland islands, the faroe islands, guernsey, jersey.
the network is an international knowledge platform for the dissemination of information, exhibitions, meetings and residences for artists, as well as for the promotion of co-productions and cooperation projects with artists, associations, museums, art centres, public and private institutions and international foundations.
the network offers an accurate focus on the activity carried out by the youngest generation artists, groups, research collectives that work, have connections and play an active role in these countries.
/little constellation/ developed from a research project carried out between 2004 and 2013 by artists rita canarezza and pier paolo coro, with the support of the san marino foundation and the participation and contribution of many artists, museum curators, foundations and centres active in contemporary art.

rita canarezza & pier paolo coro