Haris Epaminonda (CY)

Postcard, 2005 time 3:00 min
all immages © the owners / music by
Ray LaMontagne, So long Away

‘The disaster is what one cannot welcome except as the imminence that gratifies, the wait for un-power’. Maurice Blanchot ‘The Writing of the Disaster’

Process of work
We all know that technological advancements in communication tools have begun a new era in social interactivity. Of course by using any kind of information from the world wide web, other questions are raised as to that of copyright and authorship as well as to what extend does the internet affect our lives and how far are we able to predict the after effects of this new development.

All still images used except moving image (center) were selected amongst those found while surfing the net typing all keywords related to Cyprus. Mapping the history of my homeland by using only found imagery via the internet was the basic idea I had so as to explore to which limits the internet provides information and access to knowledge in relation to some place, or some-one, or some-thing.