you live and you fight... the enemy is lurking…

lorella mussoni
& pier giorgio albani

december 3 / 2011

castello di chiesanuova
republic of san marino, italy

The universal language of Rugby as a metaphor.
The heroes of the sport, will fight for people
affected by Multiple Sclerosis.
Imagination at the service of a social reconstruction.

You live and you fight... the enemy is lurking…will I winner?

Through the universal language of sport, this project aims to emphasize the actual scientific discussion of various treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. A real Rugby game as visual art performing action to launch a message.

You live and you fight ... the enemy is lurking.. will I winner? is devoted to a rilevant therapeutic discovery of Professor. Paolo Zamboni, about the new vascular disease, called CCSVI, presents in a significant number of people, who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. To start a process of reconciliation between these two treatment groups (FISM(2) research team and research group CCSVI - BRAVE DREAMS), Lorella Mussoni & Pier Giorgio Albani thought a special performace they will create a symbolic intersection, which sports and arts are directed to a trial unification.

This first performance will be realized - on the display of the International Day of Multiple Sclerosis disability - December 3, 2011, 12:00 a.m. at the Rugby Field of Castello di Chiesanuova, Republic of San Marino, Italy. With the support and the collaboration of San Marino Rugby Club, they have set up for this event with a rugby players team a short-term performance, open to the public. It will be a first simulated experiment game with 7 Rugby players. The real game of 15 Rugby players will be played in Bologna (Rugby match: San Marino - Bologna) the 1st of May 2012.

All the processing art works (sketches, drawings, videos, images, writings) will be presented for the upcoming exhibition The Land seen from the Sea, from February 4 to May 4, 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce in Genoa, Italy. The exhibition will be a wide exposure of different arts contributions related to particular geopolitical micro areas and small states of Europe, dealing on concepts of distance, isolation and relation.
The project is part of the international network of Little Constellation first network focusing on contemporary art in geo-cultural micro areas and small states of Europe, conceived by NUA in collaboration and supported by:

Republic of San Marino; Under the aegis of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent of the Republlic of San Marino; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs,Telecommunication and Transports; Secretary of State for Instruction and Culture, University and Youth Policy; Secretary of State for Tourism and Sport; Social and Cultural Activities Office;  Giunta di Castello di Chiesanuova; Association Fuorigioco Network; Nua new contemporary art and research; Association Sclerosis Mulpiple San Marino; University of San Marino, University IUAV University Venice; Sammarinese National Commission for UNESCO; San Marino Foundation; Ente Cassa of Faetano Foundation; Rugby Club San Marino; San Marino Rughby Sport Federation.

Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy

for information about Lorella Mussoni & Pier Giorgio Albani: