little constellation

a view on contemporary art in geocultural micro areas
and small states of europe 

march 9 - april 8 / 2010

exhibition sala delle colonne
performances careof
videodocumentation docva

fabbrica del vapore, milan

see the video focus

danil akimov & sound art lab, albani & mussoni
sigtryggur berg sigmarsson, barbara bühler
canarezza & coro, nina danino, oppy de bernardo
sandrine flury, barbara geyer, Irena lagator
ingibjörg magnadóttir, mark mangion
christodoulos panayiotou, paradise consumer group
(aguareles, ariza, guardia, herrador), pierre portelli
quino, matteo terzaghi & marco zürcher
axsinja uranova, martin walch, trixi weis

chief curator, roberto daolio
assistant curator, alessandro castiglioni

little constellation is an exhibition developed from a research
project by rita canarezza & pier paolo coro
with the supervision and critical contribution of:
roberto daolio, friedemann malsch, svetlana racanovic

see the book by mousse publisher, milan



How is the practice of making art experienced today in certain geo-cultural micro-areas and small States of Europe? Little Constellation began in 2004 as a research project focused on contemporary art, but not with the attempt to answer this question by finding a label that could be attached to small states, or to provide a full, systematic picture of the art that can be found today in Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino and in other significant cultural micro-areas such as Canton Ticino, Ceuta, Gibraltar or Kaliningrad.

Instead, the project has developed and taken shape—through the story of many different relationships, ideas, experiences—through the diffusion of information, placed in a continuous current that generates possibilities for interaction, and as a device shared by artists, curators, institutional representatives from museums, centers, and research collectives; the projects has stimulated proposals and the development of a platform of knowledge focused on contemporary artistic practice in these countries, within the sphere of the international artistic debate.

Born as international network for contemporary art from the idea of Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro, /little constellation/ from research project, also thanks to this show, become an international platform of exchange and spread of information, with the purpose to create co-productions and collaborations for new projects.

More than twenty artists of /little constellation/ meet for the first time in a unique and inedited exhibition that will present at Fabbrica del Vapore di Milano the more interesting projects of a vision on contemporary art in micro geo-cultural areas and small European States. Artists born e working in those small geographical realities, with a population of less than a million inhabitants, where the idea of border and identity become distinctive and essential, although realized through different languages.

Live and work in a micro-state force the inevitable comparison on one side with the macro social and political reality that include it, that is Europe, and on the other side with the sense of identity and the permeable idea of border that often in the work of artists become an idea of interior and emotional geography, where the knowledge of the world become knowledge of themselves.

Also if the title suggest it, there’s no a limited thematic direction that associates all the artistic proposals. It’s more a constellation of ideas that involve many directions, each performing on its own way. Paradoxically what associates and approaches these artists it’s the perception and the sense of distance of living in these symbolic areas, as a garish result, tent to read these places (clear or not, judge or accomplice) in the continue process of systemic self-reorganization and autopoietic observation, that characterized the complexity of western societies.

Supported from the beginning, it was 2004, from Foundation San Marino and Social and Cultural Activities Office then joint by Ente Cassa of Faetano of Republic of San Marino, the project has created a real network of relationship with many authorities, associations, museums, artists of small states of Europe, Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino and some micro geo-cultural realities of the European markets including Canton Ticino (CH), Ceuta (ES), Gibraltar (UK), Kaliningrad (RUS).


Republic of San Marino; Under the aegis of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent of the Republlic of San Marino; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs,Telecommunication and Transports; Secretary of State for Instruction and Culture, University and Youth Policy; Secretary of State for Tourism and Sport; Social and Cultural Activities Office; Degree Course in Industrial Design, University of San Marino, University IUAV University Venice; Consulate of San Marino in Milan; Sammarinese National Commission for UNESCO; San Marino Foundation (main sponsor); Ente Cassa of Faetano Foundation; National Association of Industry Sammarinese; Telecom Italia San Marino.

City of Milan; Department of Culture, Department for Sport and Leisure, Department of Tourism, Marketing and Regional Identity, with the sponsorship of Expo 2015 S.p.A.; Careof Docva, Fabbrica del Vapore;; Mousse.

Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus; Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Ministry Foreign Affairs, Justice and Cultural Affairs of Liechtenstein; Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport of Malta; Government of Montenegro Ministry for Culture, Sports and Media.


MUDAM Luxembourg; Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg; CIA.IS Center for Icelandic Arts; National Gallery of Iceland; Living Art Museum, Iceland; Cultural Services Cyprus; The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus; Malta Council for Culture and the Arts; MCA Malta Contemporary Art, Malta; Atelje Dado, National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje; Montenegrin National Theater; Center for Contemporary Art, Podgorica, Montenegro; Serveis Culturals Andorra; Escola d’Art la Lacuna, Andorra La Vella, Andorra; Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano; La Rada, Locarno, Canton Ticino / CH; Direzion Provincial De Educacion; Instituto De Bachillerato Siete Colinas, Ceuta / ES; Ministry of Culture, Heritage, Sport & Leisure, Gibraltar; Fine Arts Association Gallery, Gibraltar / UK; Kaliningrad Branch of The National Center for Contemporary Arts; Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad Region; Department of the Kaliningrad Regional Government, Kaliningrad / RUS; Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein; BBKL Liechtenstein; Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein;