a natural oasis

summer school

july 13 / 19,.2014

republic of san marino, italy

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Summer School | A Natural Oasis
Provoc’arte 1991, proposals for archives
dedicated to Roberto Daolio

Relationship, study, travelling and research itinerary in stages aiming at the production
of a special project for the 17th edition of the Biennial of Young Artists MEDITERRANEA 17, 2015 

Sarah Capesius (L); Martina Conti (SM); Viola Conti (SM); Lito Kattou & Leontios Toumpouris (CY); Alessandro Di Pietro (I), Katrín I. Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt (IS - USA), Nico Macina (SM), Francesca Mangion (M), Orestis Mavroudis (GR), Mnemoscape (Elisa Adams, Alessandra Ferrini) (I - UK), Quim Packard (E - F), Michela Pozzi (SM), Giacomo Raffaelli (I - UK), Jacopo Rinaldi (I).

A Natural Oasis is the first Summer School dedicated to contemporary arts, taking place in the Republic of San Marino from 13 to 19 July 2014 in the wonderful municipality of Montegiardino. It will be a week of study and research dedicated to emerging young artists and cultural researchers under 34 years of age coming from all over Europe, the Small States of Europe, geo-cultural micro-areas and Mediterranean countries selected through a specific call. Some of the most interesting moments of the Summer School will take place in the evening and be open to the public.

Timetable of scheduled lectures and meeting events.

San Marino
Former Railway tunnel Il Montale

Sunday 13 July, at 8.30 pm CatTtelan chi? 

by Gino Gianuizzi, Accademia Belle Arti Bologna

Alessandro Castiglioni, MA*GA - Museo Arte Gallarate

Simone Frangi, Academy of Arts and Design of Grenoble -Valence
Lucia Ceccoli, creator of the coming Museum of the San Marino Railway

Municipality of Montegiardino

Piazzetta M. Alceste Preda Ferri

Monday 14 luglio
, at 10 pm, Listening Session, Dj Set

Tuesday 15 Luglio
at 10 pm, Film, Geography, Place, Memory; Research, Documents and Archives in Stabat Mater, Meteorologies, Apparitions, by Nina Danino Goldsmith, University of London

Wednesday16 July at 10 pm, Speaking in Tongues by Alessandro Castiglioni, MA*GA - Museo Arte Gallarate

Thursday 17 July
at 10 pm, Introvert and Extrovert Slow Dance by Ingibjorg Magnadottir, Icelandic Academy of Arts, Reykjavik

Friday 18 July,

 from 10 pm to 01 am Video Screening Marathon

Saturday 19 July
, from 7 to 10 pm Happy Hour in A Natural Oasis - Ephemeral works
Installations, music, exhibitions, videos and performances

Office for Social and Cultural Activities
00378 0549 882452
0039 335 6509052

* * *

A Natural Oasis is a summer school taking place in San
Marino from 13 to 19 July 2014 in the municipality of
Montegiardino. It will be a working week dedicated to 15
young artists and researchers under 34 years of age coming
from and working in San Marino, in the member states of
the BJCEM www.bjcem.org and/or in the Small States of
Europe and geo-cultural micro-areas of the Little
Constellation network www.littleconstellation.org.

The  artists selected will be supported by a team of
visiting professors and tutors, curators and artists,
scholars of European universities and academies. They
will have the opportunity to be involved in a cultural
exchange program between different cultures for the
production of new works and projects on contemporary

The proposal.

A Natural Oasis will have a specific and precise purpose:
documentary and archival investigation. In particular, all
the work will be based on the archives of Provoc’Arte,
Provo Carte, Provocar’te ARTEGIOVANE 4th edition –
1991. The results of this event, which are still present on
the territory of San Marino such as the work by
Maurizio Cattelan inside the former railway tunnel Il
Montale, will be the focus of the analysis, investigation
and work of the young artists selected.

A Natural Oasis is dedicated to contemporary art critic
and teacher Roberto Daolio, recently died, who curated
Provoc’Arte in 1991 and devoted himself to study the
methods through which the projects of young artists and
their languages could be developed.

A Natural Oasis will be directed by
Simone Frangi (1982), critic and curator. He is a
professor of Theory of Contemporary Art at the
Academy of Arts and Design of Grenoble-Valence,
France. He teaches Contemporary Aesthetics, Visual
Culture, Image and Virtual Theory, Body and
Performance Theory. Frangi is the artistic director of
Viafarini DOCVA in Milan and co-curator of the Live
Work – Performance Act Award.
Alessandro Castiglioni (1984) is responsible for the
research activity at the MA*GA – Museo Arte
Gallarate. He is also the co-secretary at the National
Prize of Visual Arts in Gallarate; a teacher of Art
and Design History at the School of Design of the
Marangoni Institute in Milan and curator of Errors
Allowed Mediterranea 16, the latest Biennial of
Young Artists.

Three more visiting professors will collaborate and
participate in A Natural Oasis:

Nina Danino, filmmaker artist and teacher of Visual
Arts at Goldsmiths University in London;
Ingibjorg Magnadottir, an artist, performer and visiting
professor at the Icelandic Academy of Arts of Reykjavik;
Gino Gianuizzi, a teacher of Urban and Territorial
Intervention Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in

A Natural Oasis - Summer school 2014 is promoted by the
Ministry for Education and Culture and the Ministry
for Tourism and Youth Policies of the Republic of San
Marino. The event has been developed and will be
conducted by the San Marino Office for Social and
Cultural Activities in collaboration with the Ufficio
Creatività Giovanile and Fabbrica del Vapore in
Milan, within the affiliation with BJCEM, the San
Marino Little Constellation Network – contemporary art in
geo-cultural micro-areas and the Small States of Europe -
and the Organization for the Promotion of
Contemporary Art, Documentation Center on Visual
Arts, Viafarini DOCVA in Milan.

Young artists under 34 years of age (born from 1
January 1980) shall send: A) a dossier documenting their
studies and research and/or new projects and the
working methods which characterize their specific sector
(in Pdf, Quick Time or MP3 compressed format for max.
6MB); B) an application letter documenting the
applicant’s specific interest in documentary and archival
investigation (max. one standard page); C) registration
form duly filled-in, downloadable from the website:
All the applications including the dossier,
the application letter and the registration form shall be
sent to the following e-mail address: info.uasc@pa.sm
not later than Friday, 30 May 2014, at 1 p.m.
Any application not complying with the requirements
will be automatically rejected.

The artists will be selected by the curatorial team formed
by Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone Frangi.

Their decision will be final and not subject to appeal.
A total number of 15 students will be chosen according
to the following criteria: 5 applicants from San Marino
(citizens and/or residents), 5 applicants coming from the
countries partners of the BJCEM, 5 applicants coming
from the Small States of Europe and micro-areas. Should
the quality of the applications received not correspond to
the above said division, in order to balance the
participation in each section, the artists for each area shall
be between 4 and 6.

The participants will be selected during the week
following the deadline for application detailed in the
announcement and selection results will be
communicated immediately.
The young artists coming from foreign countries will be
accommodated in the premises of the University of San
Marino in Montegiardino. Travelling and boarding
expenses will be incurred by participating artists.
Support will be given to obtain the coverage of such
expenses in the countries of origin, where possible.

After the event in San Marino A Natural Oasis will
continue in 2015 in the Small States of Europe and in the
geo-cultural micro-areas starting from the Gibraltar
Garrison Library (the U.K.) within Listen to the sirens, in
June 2015, an international event promoted by the
Ministry of Sport, Culture, Heritage and Youth in
Gibraltar; and culminating in July 2015 for the final
summer school session, which is being made possible
with the support of the Malta Council for Culture and
the Arts and the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local
Government of Malta.
A Natural Oasis aims to produce a special project for the
17th edition of the Biennial of Young Artists
MEDITERRANEA 17, October 2015.

This announcement and the attendance at A Natural Oasis
do not preclude the possibility to apply for future
BJCEM national and/or international announcements
with different personal projects and be selected.
Also the artists who have already participated in the
previous editions of the Biennial can apply for A Natural

Office for Social and Cultural Activities, BJCEM
Republic of San Marino.
Please contact Mrs. Rita Canarezza, BJCEM
representative, tel. 00378 0549 882453; 0039 335
6509052; rita.canarezza@pa.sm