finissage - the land seen from the sea

a dialogue with montenegro

svetlana racanović

alessandro castiglioni

april, 28 and 29, 2012

museum for contemporary art, villa croce
genoa, italy

Both lecture and workshop has been conducted by young artists under 30 from San Marino, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Italy and Canton Ticino.

artists participant: Viola Conti, Simone Rastelli, Karin Ospelt, Sigurdur Atli Sigurdsson, musical group Fedora Saura, Paolo Tognozzi; Davide Farabegoli (photographer and video maker); Giulia Ceccoli (communication assistant); Riccardo Lisi, Noha Stolz (curator of La Rada, Locarno CH); Steven Linares (Minister for Sports, Culture, Heritage & Youth of the Government of Gibraltar UK), Yvette Zarb (Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Gibraltar UK), Gino Sanguinetti (Fine Arts Association Gibraltar UK).

The contents of the workshop are visible at the following website:

A dialogue with Montenegro

lecture with Svetlana Racanović indipendent curator
supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro 

The aim of the workshop is to enlighten the complexity and specificity of Montenegrin cultural identity from the theoretical point of view as well as from the perspective of its reflections on Montenegrin art and cultural practice.
Due to historical and cultural circumstances, it is possible nowadays to detect and follow strong and still persistent influences of so called Balkan identity and it’s negative perception as the whirlpool of (auto)destructive ethnical obsessions; then Montenegrin ambiguous relation toward its Yugoslav past and bloody dissolution of that common state and Montenegrin still delicate relations and highly emotional attitude toward certain national identity questions; situation of not clearly and not sufficiently awakened, productive, creative and communicative Mediterranean segment of Montenegrin identity; official status of Montenegro as ecological state as still not
comprehended or activated as beneficiary one in economic, cultural and identity terms; Montenegrin historical subordination and marginalization, in cultural and other terms, within different political entities it has been part of and it’s efforts to contribute more significantly to art and cultural production and cooperation in regional and broader, international context, it’s strives to face challenges and meet certain positive tendencies in contemporary world and in cultural field.

Svetlana Racanović 
Graduated in History of Art at the Faculty for Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia. She obtained M.A. degree from the Management of Cultural and Artistic Activities in Dijon, France. She is currently preparing PhD thesis on Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. She is currently teaching on Faculty for Media and Communication at the Singidunum University, Belgrade.
She is author of the following exhibitions: co-curator of Montenegro on 54th Biennial in Venice (exhibition “The Fridge Factory and Clear Waters”), 2011; „Sweet, Little, Dirty Things“, Gallery Artpoint, Vienna 2010; „Art in Motion“, Podgorica, 2007-2008; „Go with the Flow“, Gallery KCB, Belgrade, 2007; national commissioner and curator on 51 Biennial in Venice (exhibition “The Eros of Slight Offence”)in Yugoslav pavilion, 2005; author of “Montenegrin Beauty”, Motorenhalle, Dresden, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, 2005, Budva and Belgrade 2003; co-curator in regional exhibition „Distant Neighbourhoods – Restoring Closeness”, Dubrovnik, Mostar, Cetinje, 2004; co-curator on III and IV Cetinje Biennial, Cetinje, 1997 and 2002; Deputy Commissioner on 49th Biennial in Venice, Yugoslav pavilion, 2001; curator for Montenegro on V Biennial of Young Artists, Vrsac, Serbia, 2002; curator for the program Week of Montenegrin Culture, Barcelona2001; author of art project Chain of Discoveries”, Montenegro, 2001; co-curator in international Art Project De Valigia, Belgrade, 1997; co-curator in Nadezda Petrovic Memorial, Čačak, Serbia, 1996. She received “Lazar Trufunovic”, prestigious award for art criticism in Serbia and Montenegro in 2003. She published book: “Millennium Bug?! – Montenegrin Art Scene around 2000: Delinquent Coalition of Critic and Practice” in 2009 (published by Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro).

workshop with Alessandro Castiglioni, art historian and curator
supported by the Secretary of State for Education and Culture - Social and Cultural Activities Office of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with the International Association BJCEM.

After the first phase of work held at the Little Constellation Library Archive in San Marino and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, the project /titano/ , it continues at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce in Genoa on the occasion of the exhibition The Land seen from the Sea. On this occasion the theme to be developed on the day’s work, Sunday, April 29, will be “the idea of distance and it metaphoric scope as the reason for isolation and at the same time an opportunity for relationship”.
Remember that /ti’ tano/ will take part in the WEYA 2012 World Event Young Artists in Nottingham (UK) September 7 to 15 2012.

Alessandro Castiglioni 
Art historian and curator, since 2004 has been engaged in educational programs at the Museo MAGA, Gallarate (Milano). Since 2008, with Ermanno Cristini, he has curated the Roaming project. He was Guest Curator at O’ Artoteca, Milan; curator of the 47th Premio Suzzara, Mantua; and of the XXIV Premio Gallarate.
Institutions he has worked with, include: Assab One, Milan; Careof/Docva, Milan; Museo di Villa Croce, Genoa; MCA, Valletta (Malta); CIA Reykjavik (Iceland); Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (CH); MCBA, Lausanne (CH); Foundation Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; Museo Riso, Palermo.  His publications include:Two Drops of Paper Before the Sky, Mousse Publishing, 2012; Casamatta 47° Premio Suzzara, NLF, 2011; Nella deriva di tutte le incertezze, Sputnik Edition, 2011; La collezione del museo MAGA, Electa, 2010; Little Constellation, Mousse Publishing, 2010.  He coordinates the Master’s Degree in Education for the Museum, with the Aldo Galli Academy of Como where he teaches Didactics of Artistic Languages. He’s visiting lecturer in Phenomenology and Art Critics at the Catholic University of Milan.
He is the contemporary art correspondent for the daily newspaper La Tribuna della Repubblica di San Marino, for which he writes a weekly column Corrispondenze on international contemporary art.
Since 2009, with Roberto Daolio, he has been the curator of Little Constellation.

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