small states on un-certain stereotypes

interview to Agnès Roux - Le logoscope association

Principality of Monaco, February 2005

AGNES ROUX - The Association “Le Logoscope” was founded by an actor, a dancer and an artist in the field of visual art, who intended to reflect on contemporary art in a different way than in the past. Everybody felt that art was faced with the same problems: huge exhibition rooms and politics. We wanted something more oriented towards research, exchange and meeting, where people could develop their projects more easily than through institutions. We decided to establish a working group reflecting on dissemination means and on how the competences of one party could meet the needs of the other party. At the beginning, we did not necessarily intend to do this in Monaco, but the circumstances induced us to start our activity here. After one year of experimentation on the territory, we understood that professional contemporary art could be performed in Monaco. This activity allowed us to create an increasingly wide network of spectators. Monaco is a small State, we live on a limited territory, therefore it is necessary to share it. We aimed at the notion of collectivity, but considering the territorial extension, this notion also came to us. Taking into account the place where we worked, the notion of collectivity came to us, it was impossible not to think collectively, considering the territorial dimensions. At the same time, there was this idea of sharing the territory, our experience and our knowledge. The result was a real ritual of collective exchange starting from the principle that we are all autonomous and different. By collaborating, we understand how differences can gather people on a collective territory. These were 10 years of hard work, during which we moved a lot and carried out many charitable and volunteer activities. This structure is now beginning to be open to exchanges and the outer world. (interview extract)